Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting for Guffman...I mean Junior

Well the gang is here, the diapers are purchased, the cosleeper is set up...and Elizabeth is 41 weeks pregnant. Big Mama, Marianne, Reeder, and Hayes all cmae to town hoping to witness the birth of Junior but so far they have just watched a very pregnant Elizabeth try every trick to get this little man to make his appearance.

We have been really busy burning time until his arrival so we thought we would start our blog with the world prior to junior's coming, which is still the world according to welcome! I heralded Big Mama's arrival with a trip to our local coffee shop with Opa...

And then a pedicure with Big Mama. Big Mama and I painted our toes a gorgeous mom painted her toes blue for some sentimental thing about blue toes at her engagement, wedding, my birth and supposedly, the birth of my brother...but where is he?

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