Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Fun

We spent our first snowy Friday at Discovery Days at the Longmont Museum. We were supposed to paint flowers or butterflies on our faces...
but I am really into abstract art. Pretty impressive considering I did it all myself.

My friend, Maddie, also appreciates the aesthetics of abstract art. A little Incredible Hulk meets Salvador Dali.
Big Mama sent Leo and I bunny costumes. The idea is that we dress up together - but I am wearing his bunny costume here - so sorry Leo!
Speaking of Leo - he sure does like to sleep.
Frances, our neighbor, and I looking for some late fall bounty in the garden. The cauliflower just bloomed but it is not as good to eat raw as the peas were. The peas never even made it out of the garden.

The whole family went to a fall festival at a local farm. There were animals, corn mazes, pumpkin patches...but the best part was...
The barrels pulled behind a tractor. That's me with Papa in the last car. The tractor driver did donuts and launched us over a was awesome.
My first pony ride...the pony's name is Cupcake and now every one of my toys is named Cupcake.
This is Malia, she is often misstaked for my twin and here she is trying to steal my brother. Whenever Malia comes over she spends the majority of her time holding Leo or asking to hold Leo or watching Leo. Lucky for Malia, her parents are going to give her a baby brother soon and then she will realize how truly boring they are!
Leo, the fireman - although do fireman sit around with their tongues out...
Sometimes I just break into la la.
Getting artsy with Papa - my first self portrait with the camera.
Another stunning photo taken my yours truly!


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The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

I love it! Eden on the horse, in frame please, for me. Thanks!

Beyond The Strip said...

Great pics, I'm glad Leo woke up for a few! - Brandy

Maxanna said...

The pics are great- and the trip to the pumpkin patch sounded like so much fun- And of course Eden on the pony was such a cute picture. Thanks so much for sharing! Grama Max