Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leo is Home

Leo is home!!! This is the amazing sign that Reeder, Hayes, the neighbors Frances and Clara, and I made for Leo's homecoming. I guess Aunt Wee would like some credit...but all the really hard work scribbling and decorating was done by us.

Here we are waiting for Leo to arrive.
And here they favorite parents. With Big Mama's help I got my mama some beautiful red roses.

Leo is hiding in the back of the car. He was not quite ready for the welcome he had waiting for him.

I was the first to poke him in the face but definitely not the last. Our neighbors, Big Mama, and the crazy Kappels all welcomed the little man home.
I really wanted to hold him - of course, since then I have pretty much ignored him - but this was a loving moment.

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