Thursday, October 2, 2008

My story

Eden just finished explaining to me all about what a blog is, and how we have relatives and friends near and far that need to know what we are doing. So I hope you all enjoy my first entry. But please be kind, for I was just born 24 hours, 45 minutes ago. Thank goodness I have such a great big sister to teach me all sorts of important things like how to type. You will have to read thoroughly to get the details of my birth, like my name, because, you see, I have to tell you this awesome story chronologically.

First off, here's my gorgeous mom. She wanted me out, I wanted in. Looks like I lost that first battle. Here she is last Friday, heading to my dad's party. They rsvp'd no, since I was due on September 21, and surprised all at Namaste.

Here shows my incredible parents. My mom is actually CONTRACTING in this pic. Isn't my Papa just a bit awesome? That's support, folks. I'm told I have an Aunt TT, she has a matching tattoo.
Sorry, I uploaded that last pic out of order. Forgive me, please. So, this is earlier in the day at the hospital. I'm being monitored down there. I wish they could have heard what I was really saying-leave me be! I want to stay in this nice, warm, oceanic space!
This is what would later be my birthroom. You can't see the beautiful mountains out the window, but I thought it was nice. Oh, and I didn't come until after that sun went down, way down.Can you believe what my Papa is reading? Thanks for the focus, Papa.
Some of the support team.
I have arrived! Leo Ald Simmons Irvin. October 1, 2008. 8:05 pm. You don't know my measurements yet because I wanted some key snuggling before anyone started messing with me. Thanks, Mom, for all that hard pushing, and thanks to my Papa and family/friends encouraging my strong, tough, amazing mom. Oh, Ald-like Gerald, Ronald, Donald. Hey Granddads and Great Granddad! I'll meet you all soon!

That's Janel. She's one of my mom's bff's and also our doula. She did a great job. Thanks!
That's Mom on the phone with Papa Jerry.
Isn't my mom absolutely gorgeous? I think so. You can tell by my long head all the work my fantastic mom had to put in just to get me out!
Ahh, hi Papa! Hi Mom! Here I am!

So, now I've been measured. 8 pounds, 8 ounces. 20.5 inches long. Maybe my lucky number is 8? Big Mama was there for the whole thing! I love you, Beam. Great leg support on those final pushes!

Now that's my Aunt Wee. She is pretty great, too. She gave some leg support at the end, too.
Now, this is today and I FINALLY got to meet my incredible sis, Eden. Love you, sis!
The Great Smirvin Family.
Oh, I also got to meet two of my many cousins. There's Reeder sharing that nice big bed and Hayes is somewhere too, probably eating.

I like my mom's chest the best. But don't worry Eden, I'll play with you after I rest for a little...

And here I am, resting up to type my first blog entry.
There's all my info. Too bad no one is holding me.
There's my sis, getting some much needed tv.
This is me thinking about all I still have to do before bedtime... And I haven't even watched the debate yet.

Love to you all-can't wait to meet you!


nuttybuddy said...

Absolutely incredible!! Congratulation!!

Shan said...

Hola little man!
Hope to meet you soon!

Beyond The Strip said...

Welcome to the world Leo! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

thea said...

Hey little Leo! It's your Aunt TT. We have a lot of catching up to do! Can we meet up in Ohio around Thanksgiving? Tell your Mom to call me and we will make it happen.
Love you already!

Tory said...

so I am guessing he's leo ocho ocho?

congrats to all! what a gorgeous family!!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations to all the Irvins!Great job Elizabeth! We hope to meet Leo soon. Greetings to Big Mama and Marianne also.
The Sainted Sisters

sandinista said...

Oh, my stars and body. Ain't y'all just cuter than a bug's ear.

I'd hate to speculate on something quite this serious, but I believe we'd consider tourism outside the Republic of Texas just to visit with y'all.

Miss Kelly and E. Mickey P.

Sarah said...

Hooray, hooray! Welcome Leo! Congrats ... and awesome job Elizabeth! Nice post, too - Leo, you have this blogging thing down!