Thursday, October 9, 2008

Life Plus Leo

As the youngest member of the Irvin family (this is Leo here), I qualify for certain perks - including being held while I sleep. This is quite the royal treatment and I hope it lasts until I start high school.
Of course my sister gets lots of other perks, like watching videos on "my c'puter". Her current favorite is Finding Nemo - she even has a Nemo bandaid on her arm (which is a real bandaid, not a cheap Target one, so it is stuck on her arm for the forseeable future).
Here is my first bath. I have a bit of a spit up issue - I really like to overeat, spit up, and overeat and spit up - well you get the idea. The point is that my mom thinks that after repeated spit ups I deserved a bath. Thanks mama!
My sister the fashionista...our Aunt Wee is sooooo proud!
And here I am being adorable and ignored. If any of you would like to come visit and save me from sleeping in a boppy or worse, in my own crib, please feel free to do so. Obviously, my parents have grown tired of pampering me and I am only 8 days old. Love you all!


Maxanna said...

Congratulations- Leo is so cute- and so cuddly. What a wonderful family. I love the new blog!
Grama Max

The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

Hang on Leo, I'm coming! I'll hold you a ton-or after I've held Reeder and Hayes and then I'll get around to you. Just wait, I'm on my way!